Purpose of the Portal?

In line with the vision of Unity1Body (inspired by Psalm 133:1, John 17:20-23, John 13:35, Galatians 6:7-10 & Hebrews 6:10), this interactive portal is a non-profit initiative aimed at inspiring and facilitating deeper unity, purposeful partnership and collaboration between Christian NGOs, Christian Business owners and Christian Working Professionals across Churches and Denominations. 

For more information about the Unity1Body initiatives and resources, please visit the site: 



Is there a fee?

This is a free, ‘not for profit’ networking portal designed to help and support fellow believers.

There is no user registration fee required at this point of time.

U1B Job Platform - Galatians 6

Benefits of the Portal?

For Working Professionals: 

  • Posting Job Opportunities / Vacancies to benefit other users
  • Following / Shortlisting Job Alerts 
  • Connecting with Peers  

For Business Owners & Leaders: 

  • Connecting with other Businesses, Service Providers & Suppliers
  • Advertising Jobs / Vacancies
  • Connecting with Qualified Candidates

Is the information accurate and reliable?

The reliability, accuracy and veracity of the information and the posts on this portal is heavily reliant on the integrity of the information shared by the users. 

It is recommended that every user exercise discernment and do their due diligence ranging from necessary competency assessments, vetting processes to background / reference checks. 

While we cannot hold users accountable, any complaints or reports of abuse will be taken seriously and a user profile may be deactivated at the discretion of the Administrator. 

We trust that pastors will support their members and also keep their members accountable especially in the event of any dispute or ethical conflict.

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